Mapping Services

Extensive Mapping Services in Pineville, NC for 15 Years

Mapping the land is a complex process involving several calculations and variables. A lot depends on accurately mapping the land, since inaccurate data could have adverse effects on anything from a small construction project to a large transportation network.

With 30 years of overall experience, the survey team at Survey & Mapping Control, Inc of Pineville, NC, has been using their expertise and the latest technology to accurately, safely and efficiently provide topographical mapping services for a variety of purposes. Using our latest robotic technology, you can now reduce a field crew’s manpower requirements and increase accuracy at the same time.

Based on your needs, you can choose the right mapping service from us. It includes:

  • Topographic surveys

  • Topographic mapping

  • Photogrammetric paneling and control


Why you should choose us?

There are many benefits when you choose us:

  • 30 years of experience, in business for 15 years

  • Locally-owned

  • Licensed in North and South Carolina

  • Fully insured and certified as a small business enterprise by the City of Charlotte, North Carolina

  • Provide our clients with an accurate, quality product in the most efficient and safe manner possible

  • Utilize the latest in robotic surveying technology, helping in effectively reducing a field crew’s manpower requirements

  • Utilize reflector-less technology for additional safety and reduced costs in high-volume traffic areas by minimizing lane closures and traffic control measures

For more information, get in touch with Tony Sanders by calling 704-542-9095, or visit our office at 12727 Dorman Road in Pineville today.